Gwaytio Nuea Nam (Beef Noodle Soup)



I admit it - pretty much every Thai dish we've introduced here we've said that it's our favorite, but let me tell you...this dish was BY FAR our favorite in Thailand. Light, healthy & absolutely delicious. Get ready to have this authentic Thai soup rock your world and tastebuds. Get ready, set....COOK!

Cost & Ingredients

Total Cost: Under $25 (If you don't have any of the ingredients)

Serving Size: 6-8 servings

Ingredients (Main Dish): 

  • (2 tbsp) coconut oil or peanut oil
  • (5) garlic cloves - minced
  • (1/2 pound) steak sliced into thin strips
  • (2) stalks of celery sliced into long inch thin pieces
  • (2) scallions thinly sliced
  • (48 ounces) light beef stock
  • Ground pepper to taste
  • (1/2 tsp) cinnamon
  • (4 tbsp) fish sauce
  • (2 tbsp) fresh cilantro
  • (12 ounces) thin rice noodles
  • (2 tbsp) white vinegar
  • (1 tbsp) red peper flakes- optional

Step 1 - Prep the veggies & beef

Before firing up the stove and starting to cook, make sure that you carefully prep all of the veggies listed above to make cooking as easy as possible. To complete this, make sure you:

  • Mince your garlic
  • Thinly slice the celery
  • Chop up the cilantro
  • Cut up beef in thin slices

Step 2 - Fire it Up

Add some oil (either peanut or coconut...we chose coconut) to a skillet and fire up the stove. Add the thinly sliced beef and cook until medium rare. Drain out the juice into a large soup pot leaving the beef in the skillet. Turn off the burner for the skillet and turn on the burner for the pot.

Step 3 - Stir it Up

Once the beef juice is warm in the soup pot, add in the garlic and fry until golden. Quickly add the ground beef, celery and scallions. Continue cooking until the beef is browned.

Step 4- Get Soupy

After the beef has browned, add the beef stock, black pepper, cinnamon and fish sauce to the soup pot. Bring this delicious concoction to a boil.

Step 5 - Noodle Time

Add the rice noodles and bring the soup back to a boil. Continue stirring the soup until the noodles are cooked approximately 2-3 minutes after added to the soup pot.

Step 6 - Finishing Touches

Remove the pot from the heat and serve soup into bowls. Top with beef strips, garnish with cilantro and ENJOY! 

Even though this is a very simple dish, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did during our time in Thailand! Questions, concerns or complaints? Reach out to us at

Kyle Ducharme

I'm passionate about making a difference in the lives of those around me regardless of where I am in the world. Whether I am on the busy streets of Boston, building homes in Central Appalachia, or harvesting coffee abroad, I'm always looking for innovative ways to improve our lives and connect with those around us.