Learn About Our Thai Coffee

From the cherry to your cup, every step of our process is carefully managed by our farmers to ensure only the highest quality coffee makes it into your cup. Kao Jai Coffee is a single-origin, eco-friendly Arabica coffee that is grown on a small farm in the hills of Northern Thailand at 4,200-5,500 feet above sea level. Every single coffee cherry is hand picked, naturally processed using a local water source, hand sorted by members of the hill tribe, and sun dried.

Despite coffee being the second most traded commodity in the world, few people really knew where their coffee comes from. To read that your coffee is hand picked, fully washed, and hand sorted might sound great, but what does that really mean? We wish that we could hop on a plane, fly 8,000 miles and visit our farm first hand with you, but the explanation below will have to suffice for now.


Every single coffee bean has been grown and processed on a small farm in the beautiful Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand. No beans grown outside of this area are used in any of our coffees. That's a fact.

Coffee Cherry

Believe it or not, the coffee "bean" is not a bean at all. It is actually the seed in the middle of a red fruit referred to as a "cherry." All of our coffee beans are carefully chosen to ensure the highest possible quality in every cup.

Hand Picked

Naturally Washed

Our farmers hand select (literally) the ripe coffee cherries to ensure the highest quality possible. This selection process is the most time consuming and labor intensive step in the process of coffee bean production.

Once picked, our coffee is naturally "wet processed" by soaking the cherries in water during three different stages. Between each stage, imperfect beans are removed to ensure only the highest quality beans make it into your cup.

Hand Sorted

Directly Purchased

After the coffee has naturally dried for 7-10 days in the sun, the coffee beans are hand sorted to separate the imperfect from the perfect beans. Women from the local hill tribe work together to make sure that only the perfect Arabica beans are used to make your cup of specialty Kao Jai Coffee.

11.30 doi chaang 233.JPG

One of the most important aspect of Kao Jai Coffee is the farming families that we directly buy our coffee from. These families, living in the Doi Chang Valley, work day in and day out to provide the highest quality specialty coffee beans without negatively impacting our environment.