Kao Jai Coffee's Story

Kao Jai Coffee (pronounced cow j+eye) is a specialty, single-origin coffee harvested on a single farm in the mountains of northern Thailand. Our unique, specialty coffee beans have been carefully grown, harvested, and processed in the Chiang Rai province near the Myanmar/Laos border. Our story began in late 2013 when two co-founders were teaching at a boarding school in the city of Chiang Rai and were given the opportunity to harvest coffee alongside farmers in a nearby village. Being able to see the community, work with the farmers, and understand the process inspired the founders to find a way to better connect coffee farmers in Thailand with coffee lovers like you.

Kao Jai, a phrase in Thai meaning “to understand,” someone or something means that someone is completely knowledgeable and sympathetic of others' unique stories. When you experience something first hand, it opens your eyes and heart to not only knowing others, but understanding them. Kao Jai Coffee was founded to create different opportunities for people to transition from knowing to understanding.

Regardless if it is the shirt on your back or your closest friend, being able to experience another's stories first hand can transform the way you see someone or something. Many people do not get the opportunity to experience these stories for a variety of reasons: time, money, or even fear. The staff at Kao Jai Coffee understands that sometimes all you need is a helping hand to try something new, something unique, or even something life-changing.

Kao Jai Coffee’s mission is to help people better understand others and the products we consume. We are so committed to this that we created the Kao Jai Fund, which uses a portion of the proceeds from every bag of coffee purchased to give financial help to people why want to directly impact communities across the United States by serving others. We believe that being given the financial and emotional support to experience something first hand gives people a new perspective that money can’t buy.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or only drink coffee for the morning buzz, enjoying Kao Jai Coffee's Taste of Change helps create opportunities for growth in the lives of our farmers in Thailand and Fund recipients serving throughout the United States. To learn more about what we do and why we do it, visit Our Blog or Connect with us directly with any specific questions.


The Meaning Behind Our Label

Kao Jai Thai Coffee

1. Kao Jai Coffee - Our name holds a lot of meaning. "Kao Jai" is a phrase in Thai meaning "to understand." We chose this name because we want to use coffee as a bridge to help people better understand people, places & products from around the world.

2. Taste of Change - Our slogan, which focuses on the price paid, natural processing, our philanthropic model & unique tastes of Thai coffee.

3. Thai Stamp - เข้าใจ is Kao Jai written in Thai, and the background is a drawing of actual hand-stitched patchwork that was created by women in our partner's village in Thailand.

4. Single-Origin - All of our coffee, regardless of roast profile, comes from a single mountain in Northern Thailand.

5. Pongladda (Doon) - Our partner, friend & inspiration who learned English for the sole purpose of helping farmers in Thailand share their coffee with people across the globe. We love and value her for her hard work, passion & dedication to the farmers and Thai coffee.

6. Born in Thailand / Roasted in America - All coffee is sourced from Thailand but locally, small-batch roasted in Florida.

7 .Farmer Satisfied Price - The term we use to describe our pricing model which encompasses quality of coffee, processing type, Fair Trade price, cost of living & more.


Spread Love

Our story begins and ends with you: our supporters. From coast to coast our story has been told to friends, families, and strangers to help spread awareness, build a following, and create a name for Thai coffee. Our ability to help foster sustainability within our farmer's village is a result of your sharing, so thank you for your support.

We encourage our supporters to continue sharing the story of our farmers, our mission, and your passion for Thai Coffee.