"Very pleasant, delicate coffee. We liked the lemon acidity and honey notes that developed as it cooled. It was a good first experience with Thai coffee." -Dynamite Roasting Company: Asheville, NC

"Sweet coffee with a light body and long finish. It represents the farmers hard work and care in processing and your efforts mirror the concern for the well being of the farmer." -Bald Guy Brew Roasting Company: Boone, NC

"Our  coffee just came in the mail on Saturday and it is incredible! Amazingly smooth and rich flavor. Great coffee with a great cause!" -Kameron: Dayton OH

"I had the opportunity to try Kao Jai Coffee for the first time today and was so pleased with it. I am a pretty avid coffee drinker and really enjoyed the flavor. I cannot wait for my shipment to arrive!" -Kalyn: Stratford CT

"The coffee is delicious in addition to the awesome mission of self sustainability." -Jess: Normal. IL

"The aroma is amazing and the flavor deep with citrus and chocolate undertones. I am no coffee expert, but I do know what I like in a coffee and this is it. I love knowing the single source of this incredible coffee along with the care and love that went into growing it." -Dona: Cincinnati, OH

"Before I was able to grind the beans and taste the coffee I gave away several bags so that others may try it too. After tasting it, I started to wish I hadn't given so many bags away! I am no coffee connoisseur, but I sure do enjoy what I'm drinking here." -Butch: Hollywood, MD

"Best coffee ever! Our house smelled awesome when we put some coffee in our votive burner." -Judy: Hunt Valley, MD

"Coffee is REALLY GREAT! I purchased this coffee to help a friend and contribute to a cause. To my surprise, Rich and I really love it and will be buying lots more. Great taste going down with a nice finish. YUM." -Sherry: Upton, MA

"We received your our first order of Kao Jai coffee this past week & want you to know we LOVE IT!!!  We also plan to share some of our order with friends & family to share the full flavor experience your coffee offers! " -Linda: Northbridge, MA