Travel, Lesson & Business Plans - The Kao Jai Story

In October of 2013, we packed our bags, said our goodbyes and hopped onto a 20 or so hour flight halfway around the world to begin our adventure teaching English and Biology in northern Thailand without any intention of starting a business. During our initial weeks in country, we were introduced to Thai coffee for the first time in a small coffee shop in the city of Chiang Rai near the Myanmar & Laos boarder. It was like nothing we've ever tasted before, and we were beyond intrigued by the most unknown coffee producing country.

After that one fateful day, we committed ourselves to learning more about the beautiful, mountains coffee producing region in the north of Thailand. Without any prior knowledge of starting a business or the coffee industry, we were able to connect with coffee professionals in America, obtain funding and are now directly working with a small group of farmers to make a name for Thai coffee and create opportunities for coffee lovers across America to enjoy their hidden gem. So we invite you to pull up a seat, grab your cup and join us on our journey to bring Thai coffee to the world's specialty coffee stage.

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