Kao Jai FAQ

+ On your coffee bags & website you mention "Taste of Change." What's that?

We're really passionate about the positive impact that our coffee has around the globe, which is why we have made it the largest text on our packaging. When drinking our coffee, you're enjoying a Taste of Change by:

  • Farmers receiving 1.5x the Fair Trade Price, which creates opportunities for growth and self-sufficiency in their village
  • Our roasting partner uses a % of sales to support families adopting children oversees
  • Coffee labels are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste

+ Shipping costs are a bit high. Why's that?

We're continuously working to ensure that you're spending the least amount of money to get the coffee in your cup without sacraficing quality. If there's ever a difference in the charged amount for shipping and the actual amount paid at USPS or UPS, we'll credit you the difference...guaranteed.

+ What does coffee subscription mean?

Similar to Birchbox or other popular subscription services, we send out freshly roasted coffee to Members at the beginning of every month. All you have to do is select the quanitiy desired, roast preferece & grind, and we will do the rest. Learn more here:

+ Do you sell single serve coffee (K Cups)?

Currently we do not offer any single serve coffee cups, but we are working with a local organization to introduce recyclable hopefully by the Holiday Season this year. Stay up to date on this by joining our mailing list here.

+ I'm a roaster interested in purchasing green coffee. Is this something you do?

Yes! We sell green coffee quantities ranging from 1lb to full bags of 132 bags. Learn more here.

+ Where Can I see all of your photography?

Pictures of the farm, farmers, process & region can be found here.

+ Who are the people behind Kao Jai?

Kao Jai Coffee was founded by Kyle Ducharme & Megan Armstrong. To learn more about the founders, check out our Team page here.

+ Are you hiring?

Possibly! To learn more about opportunities and to stay in the loop, check out our Careers page here.

+ What's your Privacy Policy?

Read more here.

Shop text: Grown in the Doi Chang Valley of Northern Thailand, our coffee is hand picked, naturally processed and organically dried to create the most unique & memorable coffee drinking experience possible.

Every bean in every bag is directly purchased from our farming partners in Thailand at a price that promotes sustainability and fosters a community of love, passion & pride for harvesting the most unforgettable Thai coffee.

Every cup matters.

*Question not answered? Contact us directly here.*