Live the Life you Imagined.

We are trained to always look at the big picture in life. While we are in college we are always thinking ahead about what classes we need to fulfill our degree and what credentials we need to be competitive in the job market. Although this is necessary, if we are not able to enjoy the present moment, we are missing the moments that our lives are comprised of.

The truth that I have found is that there’s always time if we take it day-by-day and moment-by-moment. We need to be able to relish the small moments that present themselves because those are the moments that will change our lives forever. Those moments will eventually put us on the path to the future we want to live. Nothing is set in stone, so let yourself take the path you feel led down, not the path that someone has set for you.

If you have a thirst to experience another culture, do it. If you find joy in teaching others, do it. When you do what you love, you come alive and your passions shine for others to see. One of my favorite quotes is “live the life you imagined.”  Think of your dream job and go get it. 

When Kyle and I first talked about going to Thailand, I thought of the reasons why it was a bad idea and about everything I would miss while I was so far away. But, the moment I realized the opportunity that was before me and the perspective it could bring, I let go of everything else, and it was one of the most freeing moments of my life.

While serving with the Appalachia Service Project (ASP), a summer job I worked in college, I was so used to hearing about getting a “real job” in the future, which forced me to think about the internships I could have and the summer classes I could have taken.

Well, I am 26 now, and I guess I let go of the “real job” ordeal a long time ago…7 years ago to be exact. After three summers working for ASP in college and three years full time I have gotten up excited each day to go to work and help create an experience that is life-changing for the 15,000 volunteers ASP hosts each summer.

My experience at ASP sparked my passion to further understand those around me, so I followed my heart which led me to a country halfway around the world to experience a culture I didn’t know anything about. I let my passions show and a unique door was opened to start a coffee company that would be the vessel allowing me paying it forward by funding service trips for youth and adult volunteers in hopes that they would have the same life changing experience that I had 12 years ago as a volunteer with ASP.

Head down the road less traveled and allow yourself the opportunity to “live the life you imagine,” and I promise you will find doors that you never imagined would open.

Megan Armstrong: Co-Founder