Life Happened.


It seems like ages ago we were teaching, exploring & experiencing Thailand. Everything, at that point, was so fresh that it almost felt like we were born again.

Once we committed to starting Kao Jai, the gypsy lifestyle came to an end and a plan was set into place: return to America and share the farmer's story. I must admit, our intentions erred on the side of idealistic, but no matter how inexperienced & under-financed we were, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to create change.

Then life happened: new apartment, new city, new life. The tastes, smells & stories slowly faded as new memories formed and took the place of the old.

But despite all external factors, we clung to the reasons behind the founding: to create opportunity and inspire global action.


Meg, the heart and soul of Kao Jai, has been a continuous remind of why we started and why we will never finish. Just as the farmers fight to support their families and create opportunities, so will we.


You, our global supporters, have been the lifeblood of our mission and a continuous reminder of why Kao Jai came into existence 14 months ago. As we grow and begin expanding to reach a larger audience, we bow and proudly say Khap Khun Mak Krap (thank you very much) for bringing us back to the "why."

Stay tune, stay connect & most importantly...stay inspired as we push through and continue pursuing the reasons behind the founding.


Kyle Ducharme

I'm passionate about making a difference in the lives of those around me regardless of where I am in the world. Whether I am on the busy streets of Boston, building homes in Central Appalachia, or harvesting coffee abroad, I'm always looking for innovative ways to improve our lives and connect with those around us.