Creating Community Through Service

For four years in college, the turf and gym at Lock Haven University were my home away from home. A typical day consisted of:

6am - Lifting

8-11am - Biology lab

11am to 12pm - Literature

12pm - Lunch

12:30pm to 1:30pm – Individual practice session

2pm to 3pm – History

3pm to 4pm - Biomechanics

4pm to 6pm – Team practice

The rest of the night – homework


When people look at that schedule they see long hours, sore muscles, and no time to relax, but what they don’t see are the important lessons learned about responsibility, discipline and hard work. They don’t see lifelong friendships and the understanding, appreciation, and love for the individuals that you share your highs and lows with every day.

Being a student athlete is far from easy, but it challenges you in a way that creates the most rewarding moments. Countless hours on the practice field might not immediately yield these rewarding moments, yet when these results are achieved, it makes these moments even more worthwhile like when winning a conference championship or sharing the joys of welcoming a new baby into a teammate's family years down the road.

When I got to preseason my freshman year, I realized that there was not much that my teammates and I had in common except for our love of field hockey. We all had different majors, unique backgrounds, and were from different countries, but after a few longs bus rides, running tests and study hall sessions, we came together like family. We shared exciting victories and tough losses, and we were there for each other every step of the way.

This is the same type of community that I experience when I serve others. No matter where we come from, what victories or losses we've had in our lives...we are all family. We all want someone to share our victorious moments with, and we all need someone to help us through those tough losses. Simply put, we just want someone to understand.

I have been beyond blessed to find community in my teammates and once again in a different environment while serving my new-found family in Thailand.

This, to me, is what life is all about.

Megan Armstrong - Co-Founder