Perfect Brew - Chemex Style

One thing I love most about coffee is how much the origin's elevation, soil, water, plant varietal, and processing play a role in creating the unique characteristics of the different coffees that we know and love. Pretty much everything that will determine the taste of the coffee has happened before you brew, but there are different brewing methods that are better suited for different coffees resulting in the perfect cup.

From French Press to traditional drip to espresso, we've tried our coffee in almost every way possible, and we want to share our thoughts on how to make the perfect brew - Chemex style.

The Chemex is an hourglass shaped vessel that was created back in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm that produces a delicious cup of coffee without any bitterness or sediment. 

What You'll Need

1. Chemex Coffeemaker (we use a 6 cup)

2. Chemex Pre-Folded Filters

3. Kettle

4. Coffee Grinder (preferably a Burr grinder)

5. Tablespoon

6. Kao Jai Coffee (Duh)

7. Coffee Mug

Step 1 - Boil The Water.

Boil almost double the amount of water that you'll need (About 25 ounces if making 3 cups and 50 ounces if making 6 cups).

Step 2 - Grind Those Beans.

While the water is heating up, put one rounded scoop of coffee for every 5 oz of water into your grinder and set it to the medium coarse setting. If you prefer a stronger brew, feel free to add extra coffee. (I tend to brew 1.5 scoops for every 5 oz water).

The ground coffee should be similar to coffee used in a French Press but slightly finer. It should look like this:

Step 3 - Insert & Pre-Rinse The Filter.

Open up the filter and place it in the Chemex so that the side with three layers covers the pouring spout. Dampen the filter with the recently boiled water to preheat the brewer and create a seal between the filter and the brewer. Once completed, drain the water.

Step 4 - Add The Ground Coffee & Let It Bloom

Once the water has been removed from the stove and has stopped boiling, gently pour a small amount of water over the grounds to wet them allowing them to "bloom." Let this sit for about 30 seconds. This part of the process releases some of the most amazing elements from the grounds. Yum.

Step 5 - Pour Away

Slowly pour the rest of the water over the grounds in a circular motion ensuring that grounds are evenly soaking. Make sure to keep the water level below the top of the Chemex.

Step 6 - Remove The Filter

Once the coffee is finished brewing, remove the filter and throw it away.

Step 7 - Blissfully Pour & Enjoy

Pour, enjoy & repeat.

Kyle Ducharme

Kyle Ducharme

I'm passionate about making a difference in the lives of those around me regardless of where I am in the world. Whether I am on the busy streets of Boston, building homes in Central Appalachia, or harvesting coffee abroad, I'm always looking for innovative ways to improve our lives and connect with those around us.